My artistic and exploratory sensibilities were formed during the years 1990-2010 when I experimented with alternative processes in photography. During that period I explored the nature of film photography and developed my own style of photomontage which I called the "negative collage".

It was an experimental approach that was concerned with the nature of time , visual perception and especially the material qualities of film and silver prints. The works that I created during that time were essentially about my personal experience with the process and materials. It was a non-objective approach that naturally led me into the field of abstract painting. In the year 2005 I became a painter - strictly committed to a non- objective approach.

For the past twelve years I have nurtured an intuitive process that emphasizes the material qualities of paint and canvas. Shaped stretcher frames , double layers of canvas, power sanding and attached shrouds of canvas are techniques that I currently use to expand and explore the formal elements of painting. I work in an indeterminate yet deliberate manner that allows the painting to organically evolve.

The general structure of the work fundamentally expresses my existentialist point of view and reflects my interest in certain postmodern concepts such as; pastiche, fragmentation; and the potential for unpredictable mutations.

Each finished painting is the culmination of a process I would best describe as an evolutionary adventure. Its distinct structure is fundamentally shaped by the nature of my personal sensibility and individual perspective.